Strong and Powerful You: The Introduction.

My intention: Build a website of empowerment, inspiration, encouragement, and community. A place where people can come to for support, accountability, growth, and transformation. This is for you, me, and the world.

Something I have learned throughout my years is that we cannot control many things in life. Outside of ourselves, the control is very limited. So, I have turned inside to learn. Originally, it was to have more control over myself: my perspective, attitude, and dreams. However, it has become much more than that. I have turned inside for my own transformation. And I have witnessed something amazing. As, I transformed myself, soon my relationships, my career, my interactions with both people I love and strangers became something close to miraculous. Things started to flow in my life and small miracles would happen every day. My dream life began to happen.

The lessons continued on as I realized that I am not the only one who has and can experience this. In fact, I believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to life this life and experience the wonder life has in store.

My mission: Empower men and women through self-love to rediscover their power, worth, and voice.

I created this blog to help do that. As we exercise our voice, we begin to understand our strength, worth, and power. And as we gain our strength, worth, and power we then have more confidence to use our voice and speak our truth. And, my goal is help more people develop that ability in themselves.

Through mental, emotional, and physical fitness, I hope to empower individuals to realize their strength and power. Fitness is not about punishment, but about reward. We improve our fitness because our bodies, mind, and soul deserve to feel good and deserve our time and effort. And as a friend told me the other day, “Jillie, I want a trainer to help me find my sexy again.” I reminded her, her sexy never left and is not dependent upon the number on the scale or the size in her jeans. Hey, I get it,  we all want to feel sexy in our body. Our sexy is not something that is gained from physical fitness alone. In fact, our sexy comes from something much deeper. It is a knowing and confidence in ourselves and our power. It is knowing our values and the contribution we make on this earth.  It is walking strong on the foundation you built and what you stand for. Sexy is a state of mind. I don’t know anything sexier than that. And, that comes from within. I am redefining sexy and it starts with you.

So, stay tuned for inspiration, motivation, and support on this end. And, know I am here to help you understand that power and strength. Let’s rediscover and unleash that Strong and Powerful You.

My Commitment and Action: To support you on your journey and provide services that are bringing empowerment to the next level.

Peace, Love, and Amity,



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