Monday and Meaning

Happy MLK Day!

I spent the day shadowing a palliative care team at the University of Colorado hospital. I spent time with doctors, nurses, social workers, chaplains, and therapists as death loomed and suffering was apparent. However, wherever I turned, I was met with a smile and deeper meaning.

I sat in a room, silent and awkward as experts of this field told advised a family to “pull the plug” on their mother who was suffering. But, the conversation started with something softer.

“We didn’t have a chance to know your mom like you did. Please let us know her through you. What was she like? What made her tick?” The doctor asked. Immediately, the son lit up, the tears streamed, but a smile spread across his face. He celebrated her and remembered her for the beautiful soul she was. He freed himself of the guilt of her suffering and the fear of letting her go to remember her true spirit. His tears flowed, but love radiated out of him. He voiced how he was so wrapped up in his own fear, he forgot about her legacy.

She passed away an hour later.

Death is inevitable. And we never know when it is going to come. This is out of our control. But, what we do have is right now. We have this moment and the opportunity to leave our legacy within all those we come in contact with. We live on through others. And, the meaning we give life is our choice every day.

So, as we start the week, what is the impact YOU want to have? How do you want to begin or continue on spreading your legacy? It is time to let your light shine. Be the Strong and Powerful You.

Happy Monday!




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