Finding the Power Within

Do you know those people who are contagious? The ones you are around and can’t get enough of. The people who you see them and hear them taking taking the leap to a positive, brighter, dream-filled future. And, you just sit there and think, “If only I had that in me…”

I am in love with those people. When is the last time you spent time with a person like that? And, how did you leave them feeling?

I spent some time with someone like that tonight and on my 1.5 mile walk home, I put on my music and danced almost the whole way. Yes, scaring some dogs and having people crossing the street as they saw me coming. But, who cares? I was filled with inspiration.

I used to think, “If only I had that in me.” It was a long time ago when I realized, I did. I realized we all do. If you can recognize and admire something in another person then I have great news for you: you got it in you! Let’s do some digging to let that resurface.

Surrounding yourself with those people is going to help you recognize it within yourself. It will help you cultivate that quality and bring it out. It is time to let yourself see it!

We hide behind the excuse of fear and refuse to let ourselves see it. We blame our parents, our past experience, society…I’m not saying they didn’t play a part. But, there comes a time where we have to let the excuses go and take personal responsibility for our life and pursuit of happiness.

Let me ask you, where would you be without that thought of fear? How would your life be different if you didn’t question your worthiness of the life you’ve dreamed of?


While I have no scientific data for this next statement, however, I do have a strong belief it is true. We all have a light inside of us. This light is unique to our Being and our Being alone. This light is never extinguished. It may dim, it may even fade. But, it will never go out. This light is like a finger print. And the fear we hold blocks our light from escaping and spreading to the world. Your uniqueness and gifts are hidden behind a dark cloud too thick to allow your light to permeate through. It is being hidden to the world and the only person that can remove that cloud is you.

Here are some tips and advice to kick that cloud to the curb:

  1. If you have a  hard time acknowledging your gifts and talents, ask those in your life you trust and love to tell you what you are good at and what they love about you. Then take time to see those qualities in yourself.
  2. What makes you light up? What makes life worth living? What brings you joy? Do those things and do them as often as you can.
  3. Do something that scares you. You can start off with something little at first. Push yourself outside of your comfort zone. Be vulnerable with someone you can trust. And see how when you break down those walls, your comfort zone expands and your self-image rises.

You have a uniqueness that is only brought to the world by you. When you hide behind fear, you take away that beauty and light from the people in your life. You are denying the world YOUR WONDER. If you think about it that way, that’s pretty selfish isn’t it?

Practice these things, acknowledge yourself, get out of that comfort zone, and let the world be better for it. You DO have it in you.

Happy Monday!

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