Fill Up Your Cup

Each morning I start my day with a meditation, two cups of warm lemon water, and then time to write in my journal. This may be 5 minutes or 15, but I give myself this time to center and “fill my cup up.”

I have been using the phrase, “You can’t pour from an empty cup,” more than ever. And, as always, it rings true. No one can fill our “cup” up except for ourselves. This cup is your energy, your light, your radiance…this cup is you.

We are taught to give and to “go, go, go” and to ignore the fatigue.  We have no time for rest or recuperation. We have praised the “yes” person and supported the martyr. But when do we replenish? For how long can we run on empty?

What if I told you to increase your mood, better your relationships, increase your productivity, and send more joy to your life was easier than you thought? It was a few simple steps and I will give you one today.

Identify those things in your life that fill you up, where you feel rejuvenated and inspired. Give yourself 15 minutes a day (or more) to have YOU time. Just 15 minutes. Go for a walk, a short jog, listen to music, enjoy that cup of coffee in silence, write, meditate, dance, just DO YOU.

I work with several people every week who have the phrase, “I’m too busy” ingrained in their brains. But, every week, no matter the schedule, we have been able to carve out 15 minutes everyday to allow them to fill their cup. As they see their mood and life alter, this 15 minutes becomes sacred and essential to their success.

On this Saturday, I challenge you to try finding your 15 minutes. Add this into your routine and notice how your life changes.

You are deserving of this time. Not because it is a reward for being productive. It is an award for being. This is a celebration of life and of you. I am giving you the permission, now give yourself your permission.

Happy Filling and let me know how I can support you:)


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