I get excited easily and over little things. I jump up and down in celebration as others tell me good news and new goals. I get to the point of overwhelmed with joy as good things flow into my life and I sit in silent gratitude.

This is celebration.

Some people don’t understand how or why I could so excited for others or over the smallest things. I get weird looks, am told to calm down, or get smiles and blushes from those I celebrate.

Life is about celebration. It is about living a joy filled life. We get one life and as each day finished, another day passes us by. Did you celebrate? Did you laugh? Did you love unconditionally? Not everyday will be a joyous celebration, but most can be.

It is about shifting perspective. We talk about what we don’t have or what is going wrong. Instead, I challenge to talk and think about what you DO have, what your body CAN do for you, and what IS going right. Shift our ratio and we, literally, shift our life.

I celebrate because that is what I choose to focus on. I celebrate because as I do, I attract more celebration. People come to me with good news, goals accomplished, and dreams in the making. Then this leaves me in awe of life and in wonder of the world. (Which then brings more celebration.)

What do you want to feel? What do you want out of life? Now, go create it. If you want more celebration, then celebrate more. If you want to witness more generosity, then be more generous. If you want more kindness, then be the kindness. It all starts within ourselves. When we can embody it, when we can be those things we wish to see, that is what we attract.

Through celebration of others, I have also found I celebrate myself more easily. I take time to sit for a moment and relish in successes, or love, or awe. I also celebrate moments of challenge because of the strength and resilience I find. Because of this realization, I begin coming into my power.

I heard the quote, “Life is a mirror and you are reflected in the life you choose to live.”

What reflection do you want to see and how are you going to bring that reflection about?

Happy Monday!


You are Strong. You are Powerful. And, you can do anything.


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