31 Days of March…ing into Hope.


31 days in March. 7 days in a week. 7 days to being more grateful, giving, and hopeful.

Here is my March challenge!

1. Monday: #Makeadifferencemonday

It is Make a Difference Monday! This means today is the day to make a difference. It can be as little as carrying something for someone to making a donation to volunteering or listening to someone who needs an ear. It can be ANYTHING! As long as it is making the world a better place. And, guess what! You have 4 days in March to do something. Take a picture or post about it and use the hashtag #makeadifferencemonday. Get creative!

2. Tuesday: #talkitouttuesday

Happy Tuesday! Communication is one of the greatest skills we could ever learn. Being able to express ourselves, assert ourselves, and open our minds to others who are different through conversation is what is amazing about being human. Today’s challenge is to engage with someone. Ask for what you want. Resolve a conflict using words. Speak your truth! Understand someone who is different from you. Today, I am encouraging you to have courageous communication. This day may be the most intimidating, but it will be the most amazing if we can do it. Post about it, write about it, encourage others to participate in courageous communication. #talkitouttuesday

3. Wednesday: #humpdayhappy

It is Hump Day! The world looks a little brighter for most because we are halfway through the week if you are the Monday-Friday 9-5er. Today is the day to make someone smile. Maybe it is just by smiling at them first or giving a compliment or buying their tea/coffee. Maybe it is leaving a note on a random persons car or a flower to a stranger. Who knows! The possibilities are limitless. Take a picture, post about it, and use the hashtag #humpdayhappy.

4. Thursday: #thirstythursday

Happy Thursday! This isn’t the thirsty Thursday many celebrated in college. We are taking it to a whole new level. How can we keep our water/environment/planet clean? Maybe it is picking up litter, recycling, using a reusable water bottle for the day, or giving up meat for today. Maybe it is donating to an organization who is giving clean water to people around the world. Once again, get creative! Let’s post about it, share what you did, and inspire others to do the same. Don’t forget the hashtag #thirstythursday!

5. Friday: #inspirationfriday

Happy Friday! Today, the sun is brighter, everyone woke up on the right side of the bed, and anything is possible! Let’s spread our inspiration around. There aren’t many things I know for certain, but something I am sure about, is we never know the impact we have on others. It may be a short interaction, a long time mentor, or a caring friend. You are inspirational and give it out like candy! There is no shortage of inspiration in the world. Take a picture, post it, write about it, share it with the world! #inspirationfriday

6. Saturday: #selflovesaturday

You’ve spent all week giving to others and giving to the world. I think it is next to impossible to help others and not help yourself. But, today, I am giving you permission and creating the space to GIVE TO YOU. It may be 5 minutes, it may be 5 hours (or more!). Take today and do something that is purely FOR YOU. Not for work, or the family, or your project, or for profit. Do something that brings you joy and then…post about to inspire others show themselves some lovin’! #selflovesaturday

7. Sunday: #selfloveselfiesunday

Happy Sunday! Now it is time to celebrate yourself and your light. What do you love about you? Show it off because you are worth it. If you don’t celebrate you, who will? What do you love about WHO you are? Take a picture, use the hashtag, and let the world see your uniqueness. Who knows, maybe it will inspire someone else to celebrate too.

Do it everyday, do it one day, or do it some days. But, do it! I do challenge you to celebrate one of each day. Get outside of your comfort zone! Help spread this movement of Marching into Hope. There can never be too much optimism and hope in the world and let us be the catalyst for more. Starting March 1st (tomorrow) we are getting our happy on with #humpdayhappy!

(Share this with everyone! Email it! Tweet it! Message it! Let’s do it!)


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