“Don’t wait for inspiration. Become it.” – unknown

#inspirationfriday is going to be me becoming the inspiration I need to feel today. This week has been a harder one for me and sometimes I rely on others to inspire me when the inspiration truly comes from within.

We are all mirrors for one another. When we see something in someone we admire, value, or hope to be, it is already inside of us. If we didn’t have it, we couldn’t recognize it in another. This goes for the good, the bad, and the ugly. Today, I am just focusing on the good.

I woke up to a beautiful card under my door. The card had the word “love” on it and with “You R love & loved” written on a post-it note. My amazing friend gave me this gift and it was a great reminder that this simple act of kindness and love is also a reflection of who I am inside. These little gifts are set around to be our mirrors. The people in our lives are set there to be our mirrors. Now, we just need to look at ourselves and allow those amazing qualities to surface.


  • See how you already embody these qualities in your life. Where do you feel this and when? Focus on those moments and bringing more of them into your life. And try to incorporate that feeling into other avenues.
  • Ask others around you how you inspire them and what they see in you. Give yourself the opportunity to soak it in and see it.
  • Look at the things and people in your life that light you up. Be around them, do those activities, and see how you feel about yourself when you do.

I am not going to look for inspiration today because I am already inspiration. And, my goal is to let you know you are already inspiration too. Who can you be a mirror for today?

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